New in October: DeskCycle activity logging and Fitbit support.

DeskCycle features

Ultra-smooth pedal motion

The High-Inertia flywheel keeps the pedals moving at a smooth pace. Smooth pedal motion makes pedaling the DeskCycle an unconscious activity so that you can focus your attention on your work. In contrast, the other bikes tend to have jerky pedal motion at any usable resistance setting. Jerky pedal motion can be bad for your joints and can distract you from your work. Smooth pedal motion is a must for physical therapy.

Magnetic Resistance
Most pedal exercisers use friction resistance which causes jerky pedal motion, especially when you turn the resistance up. In contrast, the touch-free magnetic resistance in the DeskCycle is smooth at all resistance settings.

The high-inertia flywheel 
The precision machined flywheel quietly spins at 14 times your pedal speed. The high inertia of the flywheel helps keep the pedals moving at a smooth pace, sort of like a mini spin bike.


Quiet operation

The touch-free magnetic resistance mechanism of the DeskCycle was designed to be quiet so that it will not disturb your coworkers.

Quiet Magnetic Resistance
The DeskCycle uses touch-free magnetic resistance.
In contrast, friction resistance bikes rub two surfaces together which is inherently noisy.

Precision sealed bearings
The DeskCycle uses 8 heavy-duty precision sealed bearings to keep things moving quietly. These insure that your DeskCycle will be quiet for years of maintenance-free use.

Wide resistance range

Many pedal exercisers don't have enough resistance to raise your heart rate. The DeskCycle has more than enough. At the lowest resistance setting the DeskCycle pedals freely. At the maximum setting, there is between 2 and 10 times the pedal resistance of the other bikes. The DeskCycle has 8 resistance settings.

Ages 5 to 100
Anyone can use the DeskCycle at the lower resistance levels at a leisurely pace of 15 mph.
As you use the DeskCycle your strength will increase and you will graduate to the higher levels.

Double Your Pedal Speed to Quadruple the Resistance
Pedaling faster, exponentially increases the resistance. Most people can't pedal the DeskCycle at 30 mph for more than a few minutes at level 4. Your heart will quickly enter the high cardio zone and your legs will burn within a few minutes.

Lowest profile under-desk exercise bike

The highest pedal height is only 10 inches. This is 5 inches shorter than the other magnetic bikes. It could be used under a 27 inch tall desk (measured between the floor and underneath side of the desk) by a person who is 5' 8" or shorter. At 5' 8" you will need to push the bike further away from you and extend your legs to prevent your knees from hitting the underneath side of the desk. You may also need to lower your chair. Taller people will need a taller desk.

The DeskCycle-2 has a 9-inch max pedal height!

1000 minute display and display stand

Display Stand
Place the display on the DeskCycle or anywhere on your desk using the provided display stand.

1000 Minute Display
The 5-function display counts up to 1000 minutes (over 16 hours) before it rolls over. Many of our customers use the DeskCycle for several hours each day. The other pedal exercisers only count up to 100 minutes before they roll over.

Accumulates your progress
The display keeps track of all of your progress until you reset it.

Lock your bike to your desk

Kensington Security Slot
All DeskCycles have a Kensington security slot on the front of the bike. This could be used secure the DeskCycle to one of your desk legs with a Kensington laptop lock (sold separately).

Wide solid base

The front leg is 20 inches wide. Because of their narrow bases and high center-of-gravity, the other bikes tend to rock back and forth or side-to-side when pedaled.

Not the DeskCycle. Its low center-of-gravity, and wide base keep it firmly on the ground when you pedal it.

Bidirectional pedal motion

You can pedal the DeskCycle pedal exerciser in the forward and reverse directions. The resistance is equally smooth and quiet in both directions. Pedaling in reverse works opposite muscle groups.

Built to last for years

DeskCycle uses the same high-quality, heavy- duty components as the MagneTrainer. This and the no-touch magnetic resistance mechanism combine to provide years of maintenance-free use.

Large comfortable pedals with Velcro straps

The DeskCycle comes standard with large pedals with wide adjustable Velcro straps. The larger area and flexible strap keeps your feet comfortable when using the bike for extended periods of time.

Wide adjustment range
Quickly adjust the strap to accomodate any foot size. The maximum loop curcumfrence is over 16 inches.

Double weighted always-up pedals
The Pedals are double-weighted to keep the pedals facing upward when not in use. This make it easy to insert your feet in the pedal straps.

The pedals use ball bearings for smooth motion and long life.

Online calorie calculator

You can use the online Calorie Calculator to get more accurate calorie readings. Only 3D Innovations pedal exercisers have this feature.

Other pedal exercisers can be off by more than 1000 percent because they don't account for the tension setting.