Free activity logging and Fitbit® support now available!

Calorie Calculator and Logger Update

Added 4 New Results

The new version of the Calorie Calculator includes 4 new results:

  1. Distance Walked
  2. Steps Walked
  3. Road Bike Speed
  4. Road Bike Distance

Simply enter your Level, Time and Distance from the bike. Then click on the Calculate Calories button to get your results.

Optional Activity Logging and Progress Viewer

You can optionally create a free account to keep track of your activity.

  • Save your daily activity to your account with a press of a button.
  • Then view your results with the Progress Viewer. It displays your Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and All-Time progress.

Save Footsteps to Your Fitbit® Account

With a few button presses you can connect your account to your Fitbit® account. Then you can log your daily DeskCycle activity to your Fitbit® account as:

  1. footsteps
  2. or miles cycled

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  • Will the android app work with with the blue tooth adapter? Or will there be another way I can use the bluetooth functionality with the android app?


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