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Double your energy expenditure without working up a sweat.

Pedaling the DeskCycle at one rotation per second on the lowest resistance setting doesn't feel like exercise at all. Yet this will increase your energy expenditure more than using a standing desk.

On level 3 you double your energy expenditure. 

The table shows how much your energy expenditure increases compared to just sitting at your desk.

At Desk Activity Energy Expenditure Increase Versus Sitting Still

Standing at your desk


Using the DeskCycle at resistance level 1


Using the DeskCycle at resistance level 2


Using the DeskCycle at resistance level 3


The DeskCycle has 8 resistance levels.

8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance

The highest quality under-desk bike

The DeskCycle is the highest quality under-desk exercise bike available.
It's the only under-desk bike that's NOT made in China.

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Over 2200 Reviews

I had such high expectations for my DeskCycle and they have been far surpassed!  I love my new “bike”!  It is perfect for work, gives a fantastic resistance, and the desk display is wonderful.  I could not be happier. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful option for people who are confined to a desk all day.

T. Terry

I absolutely love the desk cycle!!! I also run, but have difficulty working it in, except on weekends. It's great being able to cycle while sitting at my desk, since I'm at my desk up to eight hours a day anyway. Again, I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

D. Ahlstrom

Great device for home exercise while you read or watch television. We learned of these floor pedel exercisers from a friend but wanted something more robust with adjustable tension and digital information on the session. This product is well-worth the money as I have used it 5-6 evenings per week for over a year now without incident. Several friends have bought them on our recommendation. Great to use at work, also, if you have a desk job!

Hoene Springs Mike

This is just what I have needed! After several knee surgeries, getting the exercise I need had become a challenge. I had looked at several exercise bikes that would fit under my desk, but most looked like junk. Not this one, it is well built and feels very solid. The resistance is magnetic making it very quiet. The tension is adjustable with a good range. It fits nicely under my desk so can take a ride whenever I want without disturbing my office mate.

Chris Knutson

I bought a cheaper desk bike and it was complete crap. I finally bit the bullet and bought this one and it was worth every single penny. I just sit at work and peddle the day away. Most of the time I don't even realize I'm peddling. It's really quiet...

Katilyn Johnson

I've really enjoyed this so far. It's totally silent, so I can use it at the office no problem. The resistance settings give satisfying variation between levels. The little lcd readout rests nicely on my desk, and the companion site is easy to use to figure out my personal calorie consumption. Even though I have long legs, the pedal arm length feels comfortable.

Wild Bill

I Love my desk Bike Pedal Exerciser! It was very easy to put the few parts together and it is super quiet! You don't hear it at all when in use. I was originally looking for a full size bike with a desk attachment that I could use while doing other things at home but decided on this instead. It is more versatile. It is so compact that it fits anywhere and I can take it to the office if I decide to use it there.


Bought it for my elderly relatives. They previously had a much cheaper one that always moved around. They are extremely happy with this thing.


This bike works great. It was easy to assemble and is very smooth. I have used a cheaper desk bike in the past. This model stands out because the resistance is noticeable and effective, and the bike is low enough that my knees don't hit my desk despite being 5'7".

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